About Trekking in Nepal

The heartland of Nepal is far from any roads, and the only way to get there is by walking through endless ranges of hills. It’s a rewarding experience to join local people and walk to remote villages and the foot of the Himalayan peak.

Trekking in Nepal means a walking trip. Following trails, many of which have been used for centuries. It is not mountaineering although some of the popular trekking trails are used by mountaineering expeditions on their approach marches. Their length varies there are popular treks that only take a day and others that last a week or a month.

Nepal offers some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the world. It has a monopoly on the world highest peaks-eight of the 10 highest are found here. Mountain flight may give you superb views, but there is absolutely nothing like waking up or a crystal-clear Himalayan day and seeing an 8000m peak towering over you.

Trekking in Nepal is not like hiking through an uninhabited national park. Local people are constantly passing by on the trails, usually carrying extraordinarily heavy loads of unexpected items. Along many routes there are regularly spaced villages in which to pause and find shelter. In the village you can meet people from diverse ethnic group. The warm, outgoing nature, general friendliness and good humour of Nepalese is often noted by trekkers. Religious festivals can make trekking even more enjoyable and interesting.

In the Nepal our company the basic requirements for safe trekking on the mountain trails and gives an overview of the major trekking routes where you can go and stay in local lodges each night. For treks to more remote regions, you will require more detailed advice, maps and route descriptions please check out our company website http://www.asianadventurenepal.com and covers multiday trekking and expedition.

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