Mt. Api Himal 7,132m Expedition


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Trip Information

Far western region is not really very famous for international trekkers but it has great potential of this. Api Himal is western Nepal's highest mountain. The area is remote and untouched. Very few tourists have visited the region. This is the country beyond, a wild and extremely beautiful mountain landscape full of exotic people, rapid rivers and pristine forest. This area is a very remote area with Virgin Nature, off beaten path, Mysterious culture and panoramic mountains view of Nandadevi, Rajramba, Api Himal, KappaChuli Peak and many more. There is also a lake called kalidhunga, which is about 2hrs by walking from base camp. This is one of the holy lakes of this area.

Deep in the heart of the Himalayas, nestled between the sweltering Indian subcontinent and the frozen plains of the Tibetan plateau, Humla lies hidden in the far northwest corner of Nepal. Shadows of the towering Saipal range and sacred Takh and Changla Himals loom sober this barren forgotten basin of the mighty Karnali River. It is extreme geographical conditions with the elevation fluctuating between 1524 m 7337 m, and an approximate population of 45,000. The natives still speak an archaic dialect of Tibetan and Nepali languages. Summer in Humla is pleasant while the winer is harsh and cold, leaving the region isolated and mostly snowbound. It is well known fact that Nepal alone has 8 highest peaks out of 14 of the world and Byash Himal range is one of the ranges and API Himal is situated under this region and it has holistic and historical value. Expedition in Nepal is well-known adventurous sport and being so expedition to all regions in Nepal is still not well-known and API and Saipal Expedition are some of the examples of that kind. Api is the highest peak in the Yoka Pahar Section of Gurans Himal, part of the Himalayas in the extreme northwest corner of Nepal, near the borders of Tibet. It is a little-known peak in a rarely visited part of the Himalayas, but it rises dramatically over the low surrounding terrain.

Although low in elevation among the major mountains of Nepal, Api Himal is exceptional in its rise above local terrain; the surrounding valleys are significantly lower than those surrounding most higher Himalayan peaks. Api peak's south face rises 3,300m (10,826ft) above its base. The Api region was visited by Westerners in 1899, 1905, and 1936, but the peak was not attempted until 1953 on a visit by W. H. Murray a Scottish Mountaineer with John Tyson. This attempt was unsuccessful, as was another, by Italians, in 1954 which resulted in the death of two expedition members.

The first ascent of Api occurred in 1960. The Doshisha Alpine Society of Japan successfully completed the Northwest Face route attempted by the 1954 party. In 1980 a British Army Mountaineering Association expedition made an attempt to climb the peak by the south face reaching within a few hundred meters of the summit. December 24, 1983 Polish climbers Tadeusz Piotrowski and Andrzej Bieluń made the first winter ascent. The Himalayan Index lists three more ascents of the peak, in 1978, 1996 and 2001.

  • Max Height 7132m
  • Difficulty LevelStrenuous
  • Start From Kathmandu
  • End From Kathmandu
  • Accommodation -
  • Country Nepal

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Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 1400m
Kathmandu: Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

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