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Travelling is an activity that allows to explore oneself way beyond than what is possible via normal reach. For instance, travelling to an ocean destination lets you discover your party animal while other destinations allow you to connect with nature. Similarly, there is something special about mountains that puts them on the top ranks in every travel diaries and wishlist. The calm, the chill, the climate, the views everything about hills is a great attraction. In my opinion, what lures most is the break from the hustle of the urban cities which cannot be experienced more at any other destination than in Mountains, be it a sea or a pilgrim. Being thousands of meters above the sea level, covered with mesmerizing views from all sides and the calm in the weather all combines to give you an unmatched experience. No matter if you are a lonely backpacker who travel often or the one who travel less but travel big, all of us have some wishlist destination that are a must and certainly there are some common names amongst all of the lists. And one name that we are certain belongs to that list is Leh Ladakh. Yeah, everybody has some must visit once in lifetime destinations and leh ladakh is a popular name for that and this is why we are going to discuss everything about this district because surely, many of you might be scratching your heads in thinking what is precisely so special about Leh Ladakh that almost everyone wants to travel here. Leh Ladakh tour packages have become very popular lately amongst all different kinds of travelers. In a nutshell, everything that makes mountains so special to visit is even better at leh ladakh but that does not give it all away and there a lot other reason which adds upto to make the experience unmatchable. Everything from best time to travel this city, best places to visit in leh ladakh, how to get the cheapest leh ladakh tour packages, what is the best food and where to get it and so on. Anything that would constitute in making the most out of your leh ladakh holiday package will be covered in this long article. So, grab a cup of coffee and sit tight with a little bit of attention as we go along the discussion and without any further ado, let us get started.

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