Hiunchuli 6441m Peak


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Hiunchuli 6441m is the fourth highest peak among the trekking Peaks and considered one of the least difficult by climbing. Hiunchuli is part of the Annapurna range and was discovered by Jimmy Roberts, the father of commercial trekking. It is connected to the east face of Annapurna South. There are three major trekking peaks within the Annapurna Sanctuary, so named by Roberts, as the local inhabitants held the area sacred. They are Tent Peak, Fluted Peak and Hiunchuli. This trip sets out from Pokhara valley. From Pokhara valley, the trail leads up slowly towards Annapurna Basecamp situated at an altitude of 4300m. One day rest will be set to explore the Annapurna Basecamp and for the acclimatization. Annapurna Basecamp is considered as the Hiunchuli Basecamp too. Three to four days are set aside for the ascent of this peak and then you will return ahead to Pokhara valley followed by same route as in the Annapurna Sanctuary trek. To attempt the mountain you will need some mountaineering skill and is relatively easy to get the climbing permission. The formidable front wall of the sanctuary has a fearsome reputation and there is no 'standard' route up. Any route is a challenging technical climb with devilish route finding, and is best tackled in true expedition style.

  • Max Height 6441m
  • Difficulty LevelChallenging
  • Start From Kathmandu
  • End From Kathmandu
  • Accommodation <p>Camping</p>
  • Country Nepal

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Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 1400m
Kathmandu: Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer hotel

Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer hotel

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