Fixed Departures Mt. Shishapangma 8012m Expedition Spring 2019


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Highest Access: 8012m

Duration: 45 days (typically) Days

Group Size: 02-15 persons

Entry & Exit: Zhangmu

Fixed Departure Date: 01 April 2019

Cost: ABC Group Join Basis Services only

Single Person US $ 8,500

02-04 Person US $ 7,900 per person

05-08 Person US $ 7,500 per person

09-12 Person US $ 6,500 per person

12-15 People US $ 5,500 per person

Grade: mixed Alpine AD

Meals: B/B plan in Kathmandu & B,L,D in during Driving and climbing period

Transportation: Car, Jeep, Mini Bus

Best season: spring: April-May and autumn: September-October

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Trip Information

Fixed Departure Date

01 April 2019

Mount Shishapangm is one of the very lovely mountain of China, which lies in the autonomous region of China called the Tibet, Only a very few people in the world had idea about the mount Shishapangma before the Chinese opened Tibet to the western summiteers in 1978. The Tibetans regard it as the very holy mountain. It is the youngest mountain among the peaks situated above the height of 8000m; and there are only fourteen mountains above the 8000m high Himalayan ranges. Till to date many climbers have succeeded to approach on its apex.

Shisapangma Expedition Route: The North West normal route to mount Shishapangma takes us up easy angled snow slopes to 35 degrees with one steeper section. The necessary lines will be fixed and placed on the steeper or crevassed sections. Following our acclimatization in Zhangmu & Nyalam, we will arrive at the base camp 5000m to make ready our final preparations and acclimatization walks. Yaks transport our expedition gear from Base camp 5000m; to ABC at 5,400m three further camps will be placed to go ahead en-route.

Camp 1 - 6,730m – After 6-7 hours walk we reach in camp 2 through crossing many snowy slopes by fixing ropes in the places of crevassed.

Camp 2 - 7,045m – After 5-6 hours we reach camp 3 via steep ascent leading to very gentle ground below the northwest ridge.

Camp 3 - 7,400m – From Camp 3, it takes 9-12 hours to reach on the summit. The situation of the groups/climbers physical fitness; and also the favorable condition of the weather depends the climbing ahead.

Sometimes the extra additional days are also required for acclimatization at different places until climbers succeed the summit. If the climber succeeds the mountaineering early than the scheduled tenure they may leave the base camp before the prescribed time as well.

Mt. Shishapangma 8012m Expedition

Entry/Exit Zhangmu

01 April 2019

  • Max Height 8012m
  • Difficulty LevelChallenging
  • Start From Kathmandu
  • End From Kathmandu
  • Accommodation -
  • Country Nepal

Trip Map

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Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 1400m
Kathmandu: 01 April 2019 : Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

After the flight and getting refreshed in respective hotels, a rendezvous in Kathmandu with other trekking members for trip orientation, where our guide / leader will inform and brief regarding Tibet, expeditions, hotels, do and don’ts with evening group dinner.

Day 2 1400m
Kathmandu: 02 April 2019 : Rest day at Kathmandu for Preparing expedition & apply Tibet visa

Todays individual activities preparations for Apply to Tibet Visa and Mt. Shishapangma Expedition Permit and heritage site city sightseeing in Kathmandu valley.

Day 3 1400m
Kathmandu: 03 April 2019 : Preparing expedition and expedition briefing

Prepare Mt. Shishapangma Expedition and expedition briefing

Day 4 3630m
Nylam: 04 April 2019 : Drive from Kathmandu to Zhangmu 2300m to Nylam 3630m 07hrs

Early morning heading towards Kodari on the Kathmandu / Lhasa Friendship highway, after necessary visa formalities at Nepal border in Kodari and across the Friendship Bridge into Tibet a Zhangmu where our Tibetan guide from CTMA (China, Tibet Mountaineering Association) will receive with necessary papers for entry into Tibetan soil.

From here another 2 hours drive leading in a gorge following the Bhote Kosi river upstream through beautiful woodlands and waterfalls, and then climb up on the winding road to Nylam town for overnight and first night in Tibet. Overnight in a guesthouse or lodge and having meals across the road restaurant where there are Chinese, Nepali and Tibetan foods can be found.

Day 5 3630m
Nylam: 05 April 2019 : Rest day at Nylam for acclimatization and short hike.

After a long drive and hectic time through immigration on both side of the border, two days at leisure and necessary spare and rest day for acclimatization in Nylam, where tree lines disappears from here onwards, starting and end point of Tibetan plateau, which is world’s highest and largest windswept and arid plateau. In Nylam there are few places where one can take a short walk the best is visit the Milereppa cave and its monastery just an hour walk on route Laylung pass, Milereppa  11th Century saint known for his good preaching, poet, folk songs and miracles performance.

Day 6 4900m
Shishapangma Base Camp: 06 April 2019 : Drive from Nylam to Shishapangma Base Camp 4900m 3-4hrs

Morning after breakfast at Nylam, drive continues which will be shorter than other day but much higher elevation, leading past Tibetan villages and farms with Yaks, Sheep and goats grazing over the yonder.

After an hour drive climbs to Laylung – la at 5,050 meters high pass with super panorama of mountains towards south, looking at Numbur, Gaurishanker, Melung tse, massive bulk of Mt. Shisapangma (last 14th world highest mountain) Dorji Lakpa with Langtang range all these peaks bordering with Nepal / Tibet.

Grand views of Mt. Shishapangma and many other mountains make today’s road journey an unforgettable one.

After crossing Laylung-la La drive diverts from Lhasa highway towards west along Mount Kailash road further 25 k.m, then heading south onto an even smaller track, arriving at Base Camp close to Yambughangala River which drains from the north side glacier of Shishapangma.

Day 7 4900m
Base Camp: 07 April 2019 : Rest day at Shishapangma Base Camp for necessary preparations

At base camp busy with repacking and reloading gears for the onward climb after preparation, relax and enjoy the views massive bulk of Mt. Shisha Pangma snow ridge line that connect towards its summit top.

Two days at Base Camp preparing and sorting out equipment to load on yaks, at base with time for acclimatization before the climb higher elevation and need to be in good physical, attitude for the long walk and climb to Advance Base Camp.

Day 8 5800m
Advance Base Camp: 08 April 2019 : Trek from Base Camp to Advance Base Camp 5800m 06hrs

On completing loading gears on yaks set off early on 12 mile / 20 k.m. trek and climb to Advance Base Camp (ABC), walk follows a jeep track to a plateau above the river and then heading towards west bank of the valley to ABC close to a snout of Yambughangala Glacier at 5,800 m. Here looking at giant white pinnacles of glacier leading up the valley to Shishapangma. On reaching ABC after a great scenic walk with climb on moraine hills, then unload the yaks to establish Advance camp which will be the take-off point for the climb, after ABC carry your own load carrying most of the way to the summit top.

Day 9 5800m
Advance Base Camp: 09 April 2019 : Rest day at Advance Base Camp

From here Yaks and local herders and nomads will disperse to their own villages till the climb is over, at Advance Base Camp final preparation for the climb, with time to assemble for last minute meeting, our guide and leader will give final briefing regarding the climb with medical advice and climbing technique, lastly to be safe and secure if danger arises, like avalanche and rock falls.

Day 10-38 8012m
Shishapangma Expedition: 10 April to 07 May 2019 : Mt. Shishapangma Expedition Climbing Period

The climb, Trexmount Ventures allocates maximum of 16 days for the Summit bid, from ABC to ABC, around these 16 days making camps higher and returning back for the final summit bid, above ABC placing two or three camps depending on conditions, climb begins with long crossing glaciers to a large camping area at 6,400m. After pitching Camp I with rest and practice climb on ice and rocks, heading further, gaining height, to reach a shoulder of the mountain to make Camp II at about 6,900 m. Most of the climb is on screen and snow with some difficulty, The North-West Ridge is easily traversed from Camp II, which involves snow and ice climb up to 45 degree steep angles.

Our guide and leader will fix ropes on all steep and crevassed sections for another camp if necessary; it will be made according to existing conditions. To reach the summit ridge is quite long and with rising sloping line across the snow slope below it to reach the ridge as close to the summit as possible, we have allowed enough time for the climb, in case of unfavorable weather conditions as well for slow acclimatization. The final section climb leads to slow pace and finally standing on the top at 8,013 m / 26,289 ft high summit of Mt. Shisha Pangma with 360 degree panorama of snowcapped mountains awaits, after an experience of a life time reaching to our goal feeling high return back to ABC using few camps on route descend. 

Day 39 5800m
Advance Base Camp: 08 May 2019 : Rest day at Advance Base Camp

Return back to Advance base camp for necessary rest. All loads must be carried down at this time, this includes garbage.

Day 40 4900m
Base Camp: 09 May 2019 : Trek from Advance Base Camp to Base Camp

All expedition members and equipment will need to be back at Base Camp by this day, ready for the departure next day. Once again, yaks will be used to transport all expedition equipment from ABC to Base Camp, at base camp re-organize all member guides and staff for final departure briefing before drive back to Kathmandu.

Day 41 4900m
Base Camp: 10 May 2019 : Rest day at Base Camp cleanup and packing.

On this day busy packing and repacking gears and taking care of garbage which should be handed to Chinese authority, where our local Liaison officer will help you, final preparation and packing in the trucks.

Day 42 2300m
Zhangmu: 11 May 2019 ; Drive from Base Camp to Zhangmu 2300m 6hrs

Goodbye to this wonderful spot and great Shisha Pangma, from here driving either on the same route towards Nylam on a short rough road via Laylung -la with last view of Mt. Shisha Pangma and then on the Lhasa / Kathmandu highway all the way reaching frontier town in Zhangmu, as Nepali calls it Khasa and in Tibetan Dramu, this town busy with Chinese and Nepali merchants and traders with full of shops and restaurants, including bars, night club and discotheque.

Day 43 1400m
Kathmandu: 12 May 2019 : Drive from Zhangmu to Kathmandu

After a great time in Tibet and climb of Mt. Shisha Pangma, morning after going through immigration and heading towards Friendship and farewell to our Tibetan guide and Liaison officer including land cruiser, truck drivers, at Kodari in Nepal check into immigration and then a scenic drive all the way back to hustle bustle city life of Kathmandu.

Day 44 1400m
Kathmandu: 13 May 2019 : Rest day at Kathmandu for individual activities.

This two days reserved in case of delay on climb due to bad weather or on drive back to Kathmandu, on this extra days you can book for sightseeing tour, in our interesting cultural heritage tour around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan this cities full of world heritage sites, however some of them been damaged from recent earthquake, on this free day with time visiting ministry of tourism to submit the climbing report to respective government department.

Day 45
: 14 May 2019 : Departure on your own destination

Customize Your Peak Climbing Trip: This is a general itinerary, which can always individually be “tailormade”. The trek package can be redesigned or redeveloped as per your taste, for more information please e-mail us at

Note: In case of emergency during the trip, Helicopter will be arranged by Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. The charges must be paid by the clients themselves.

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