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Expedition in Nepal is the ultimate adventure activities to all the climbers around the globe to scale the tallest and toughest peaks in the Himalayas. Mountaineering expeditions in Nepal became a popular adventure sport all over the globe. Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition has its own reputation in the field of mountaineering, providing services for independent climbers, private groups, and commercial and government-backed expeditions. Our international mountain Sherpa guides and leaders rank among the most experienced mountaineers in the world. The lure of the Himalayas is irresistible for mountaineers, as the Himalayas are the highest and most challenging range of mountains on earth. Their breathtaking beauty, vastness, fascination, magic and mystery will always have an everlasting appeal for those who yearn to venture into this majestic Himalayan region.

Mountaineering Expedition Nepal is famous but demanding adventure activity in Nepal. Specially meant for adventure lovers, Expedition in Nepal designed by offers choices to go for expedition in 8 of the world’s highest peak among 14 peaks having an altitude over 8000m. Significantly, Nepal is famous for holding Mt. Everest (8848m) which is the tallest mountain of the world. Also, you can go for expedition in the gigantic peaks like- Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m), Mt. Makalu (8463m), Mt. Lhotse (8516m), Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m), Mt. Cho Oyu (8201m), Mt. Annapurna (8091m), Mt. Manaslu (8163m) and more. Nepal actually turned into more admired for expedition after successful summation of Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgey Sherpa. And we have been arranging different expedition packages since its inception. Likewise, we also offer trained, competent, as well as experienced mountaineering guides to guarantee the protection and accomplishment of the expedition in Nepal.

This most attractive and courageous adventure activity in Nepal has fascinated a lot of tourists every year. No doubt expeditions require previous mountaineering experience with good bodily fitness. However, if you are a beginner we are always there for you to lend a hand. In every movement of your adventure we will Guide you through our very experience Guide and porter how don’t let you lost your way while trekking to different destination. We prefer most value to our customers than any other things. Yours satisfaction is what ours so we add effective and valuable support to any of the way you follow.   In very reasonable cost we bestow our services. Regarding the best time of year to choose expedition are autumn and spring season.

Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. puts forward a range of Expedition along with the matchless service including expeditions in the gigantic peaks like Mt Everest, world’s highest peak; Mt Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth tallest mountain and a sacred peak to the locals; Annapurna I which is the tenth tallest peak amongst earth’s fourteen peak over 8,000m; Dhaulagiri, reckoned among the top fourteen peaks of the earth for having an altitude of 8157m similarly there are many other peaks to climb here in Nepal we help you to provide all the information about the best day to climb, what is important Gear for climbing, fixed departure date to go and all other things you like to know more.

The numbers of enthusiastic mountaineers who flock to the Himalayas are increasing each year - whether it is simply climbing a trekking peak or a full mountaineering expedition on a 7000 or 8000 meter peak. Joining an expedition group in Nepal has become the dream and ultimate goal for many adventurers and mountaineers. Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition has already organized the 100% successful expedition of Mount Cho-Oyu in 2013 and Amadablam Expedition in 2012 reached the summit! We cater the Nepal expeditions as per the requirements of individual and group.

We Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. from Nepal we are looking for B2B travel and Expedition, Peak Climbing and trekking or commission basis & let’s exchange document, just send your contracted rate via email: info@asianadventurenepal.com

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