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About Bhutan Bhutan is situated in the Eastern Himalayas of southern Central Asia and is bordered on the north and Northwest by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and to the west, Southwest, south and east with Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Bhutan s a landlocked mountain kingdom roughly the size of Switzerland, in the eastern Himalayas. With a population of 600,000 spread over 46,000 sq km. Bhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom often known as Shangri-La. For a country of its size, Bhutan is a land of spectacular contrasts and stunning beauty. The southern foothills, at an altitude of 1,000 ft to 4,500 ft are covered by dense tropical forest, which abounds with wildlife. These regions are mostly inhabitated by Lhotsampas (Nepalese immigrants who are given Bhutanese citizens nationally) and most of them are agriculture workers. Major Tour package in Bhutan 1. Bhutan Cultural Tour 2. The Mysteries of Dragon Kingdom 3. West-East Traverse Tour 4. Western Cultural Tour 5. Enter the Dragon(3 nights / 4 days) 6. Journey to Druk-Yul(4 nights / 5 days) 7. nights 6 days Program: 8. Gangety Valley Tour- 7 nights / 8 days 9. Dragon Heart Experience(10 nights / 11 days) Visa Information about Bhutan All nationality (except Indian & Bangladeshi) should be obtained a visa. Traveler can process the visa through a travel agent. Once the visa clearance is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimpu, they send a visa confirmation number and traveler may travel to Bhutan. The actual visa endorsement is stamped in your passport after your arrival at the port of entry of Bhutan. VISA FORMALITIES Passport detail is to be sent to us 15 days in advanced for visa process. Three copies of original passport size photographs are required on arrival. VISA FEE US$ 30 for 14 days (included Tourism Development Fee) must be paid on arrival. Visa can be further extended with paying an additional fee of US $ 15. Visa application form: Visa applications form can be obtained through travel/tour agent on your request. ACCESS TO BHUTAN By flight: There is flight form Kathmandu to Paro or Delhi to to Paro Airport at Bhutan. By road: Traveler may visit through Bhutanese border town of Phuntosholing entering from India with necessary documentation for transiting through that part of India to Phuntsholing. AIR Fare: KTM - Paro 213 US$ (One way) / Round Trip 426 US$ (fare and tax can be up and down) People Of Bhutan: The country's population of 600, 000 is composed of three main ethnic groups. The Sharchopas, who are considered to be the earliest inhabitants of Bhutan, live mostly in Eastern Bhutan and they are of Indo-Mongoloid origin. The Ngalops populate mostly Western Bhutan migrated from the Tibetan plains and are the importers of Buddhism to Bhutan. The Lhotsampas who are of Nepalese origin settled in the southern foothills of the country in the early twentieth century. This ethnic diversity of the people has resulted in numerous dialects and languages that are spoken throughout the country. Dzongkha is the National language. English is the medium of instruction in schools and is widely spoken. Religion Of Bhutan: Bhutan is the last bastion of the Mahayana form of Buddhism in the world today. It was in the 8th century AD that Guru Padma Sambhava introduced Buddhism to the country. Subsequently this was promulgated by various other religious figures who visited Bhutan. The dominant sect that came to be established in the country was the Drukpa Kargyu sect of Mahayana Buddhism, which is now the official religion of Bhutan. The Bhutanese are very pious people and religion plays an important part of their daily lives. Prayer flags fluttering in the wind, chortens (stupas), monasteries and twirling prayer wheels are a very common sight. Religion permeates all strands of secular life and this has brought about a reverence for the land and its well-being. Religious festivals known as 'Tsechus' and 'Dromchoes' symbolizing amity, peace and compassion, are held annually at various parts of the kingdom at different times of the year. These colorful festivals are a time for the people from various walks of life to congregate dressed in all their finery. The most popular festivals are Paro Tsechu (March/ April), Thimphu Tsechu (September/October) and in Bumthang (October). During the festival, rare and sacred masked dances, sword dances and many rituals are performed

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